Are you accepting your creations?




When a friend buys you coffee, do you happily accept?

When your boss buys you breakfast, do you joyously accept?

When someone holds the door open for you, do you walk right through?

When Grandma unexpectedly gives you money for helping her cross the street do you gratefully take it?

When a friend suggests giving you food because he made too much to keep and doesn’t like leftovers, do you accept it?

Do you say things like: “Oh no, that's ok”, “You shouldn’t have”, “That’s not necessary”, “You really don’t need to”, “Thanks, but you were here first, you go ahead”, and the like?

These are all somewhat seemingly little things, but this is the Universe responding to what we have created. Accept these things when they are offered. Accept them happily, with gratitude and love it!

If you keep saying no, and pushing away to instances like this, how are you ever going to allow anything you really want in your life? How are you going to allow “big things” into your life if you will not accept the “little things”? Remember, the Universe does not know small from big. A button is the same as a castle - accept it all when the Universe provides it to you.

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