My Personal ‘How to Improve Your Life Right Now’




I’m sitting here on a Friday night, drinking a glass of bold red wine, and wanting to write a personal blog post on the website. Sometimes I feel a real struggle writing; still feel like my words are not good enough to inspire millions, let alone 3 people. But the thing is, I WANT to do it. I feel the pull, the deep desire to write, to share, and to help as many people as possible. And that’s what keeps me coming back every day, even if it’s just to sit at the computer and stare blankly at it for an hour. I made the decision I’m going to write this post from my heart and I’m not going to have anyone proof read it before I post it. This is me, in the raw and unfiltered, unedited by anyone else 🙂

I have been reading Tony Robbins’ book Awaken the Giant Within this past week and it is sparking my love and passion on a deeper level. The concept which he talks about in the beginning of the book that sticks most in my mind like glue right now is Raising Your Standards. On a basic level, my whole life I have had a house to live in, my own bed to sleep in, and food to eat every single day. I come from a middle income family, some years it was lower middle income, other years it was higher middle income. I have a general idea of what it feels like to have my basic needs met and a few extra frivolous things once in awhile. Currently, I’ve been experiencing living with a lot less money than I’ve grown up with. There have been some weeks that we had to get creative with how many meals can we make with six dollars – not even kidding – two boxes of spaghetti, one jar of red sauce, and one jar of alfredo sauce.

I am telling this personal example, not as a way for you to feel sorry for me and my family. I am telling this story to share my thought process and inspire you, that we all can raise our standards and have a more fulfilling life if we chose so. Every moment of every day is a choice. As I’m sitting here writing this, I can feel myself drifting to the victim status – oh this is so horrible, I’m never going to be rich and get out of debt, people are going to think this post is stupid….

But, I CHOOSE to feel good and look at it differently. I spent seven dollars on my bottle of wine tonight and it’s absolutely fantastic and I FEEL wealthy. Some people may think that’s a waste of a good seven dollars, and others may think that’s pure crap wine for only seven dollars. I can choose to feel negatively and have low standards for myself, or I can decide that I don’t HAVE to live that way. It’s all in your mind, everything is a choice. How do you WANT to feel right now? – BE THAT.

The three important concepts I've been using this week that I want to share are:

  1. Raise your standards
  2. Make decisions
  3. Stay focused

In my experience, it has been a challenge sometimes making decisions. There are a lot of factors that go into making a decision like what will other people think, how will it affect others, what will be the outcome… Those are valid questions to consider, but what about me? What about YOU as you are making these decisions? You have got to make your feelings and your vibration a priority when making decisions.

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in your life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.” – Tony Robbins

Stay focused – I don’t know what it is about those two little words, but they hit me like a lightning bolt when I saw this as a tweet from a friend I follow. STAY FOCUSED. What do you want right now? What do you want in life? What do you want to experience? What is your dream, your passion? Stay focused and determined you will have it. The answers and help will come as long as you stay focused on what you want. Stay focused on your goal, if you want to call it a goal, and stay focused on feeling the best you can feel. Allow yourself this gift of love to create any experience you want.

So, I have about finished my one glass of wine and I feel pretty satisfied about this post. I am raising my standards in the quality of life I choose to live, I’m making the decision to do what it takes to get there. I’m making the decision to do the things to create the stuff I want, and to feel good in the process. And of course, I’m focused and I have those two words written down in my planner. Staying focused is the way to improve my life and experience all the awesome things I already know I deserve. I create my life, as you do too, and it can be that simple.

I hope this post has inspired you in some way or made you laugh, and if not, oh well… maybe next time 😉

May you be blessed with confidence to passionately create your life and sending you love,

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