QUESTION: How do I maintain a positive vibe throughout the day?




I have been trying to be more positive and visualize, meditate and all that. On Tuesday I had a GREAT day, everything felt great and it was really cool. Yesterday I woke up early and watched some videos, read inspiring quotes and exercised a little but then in the middle of the day I started feeling really bad. I was thinking negatively, I keep thinking visualizing is useless and all of this is for nothing. What do I do when this happens?


First of all, I think it’s great that you are taking the steps to be more positive, visualize and meditate. Go easy on yourself and be understanding – shifting into a negative mood happens to everyone. The key is catching yourself when it happens, which it sounds like you are already doing that. So my question is, what is going on that you find yourself slipping into feeling bad? Is it a specific situation, the people you are around or something else? Take a look at what’s going on in your life at that moment, what is in your environment that could be causing it.

For example, have you ever walked into a room where people had been fighting and even though you have not heard the fight or seen the fight, there is a tension in the room, almost like you can feel the argument? That is energy. That is vibration. We feel it all the time but we ignore it and tune it out. It is very possible for other people’s vibration to affect your vibration. Just like two stones tossed into a pond at different places, eventually the ripples meet and merge into something new.

So how do you stop allowing other people to change your vibration? The first step is realizing if the negativity you are feeling is coming from someone else, give it back to them. I don’t mean if they are being an asshole, give it right back to them. What I mean is in your mind create a representation of that negativity. It can be anything you want, some may visualize it as a nice little red present with a shiny bow. Then in your mind, visualize it floating out of your awareness and back to the person who gave it to you. Another step you can take in your morning visualizations is to imagine a positive energy shield around you, almost like you are the bubble child. This shield will let in any positive experiences and vibrations, but all of the residual negative vibrations floating around in your home, school, or place of business, stores, etc. will be repelled by this shield. There is no set method to this visualization so have fun and play with it.

Also, if the above is not resonating with you, like the negativity may not be coming from other people, do your best to catch yourself when you are feeling that way. Try to see where the negative feelings or thoughts are coming from. Is there a negative experience or memory that you were reminded of which caused it? You might find journaling to be a good way to get to the root cause of things like that, but it’s not necessary. Explore the thought in whatever way resonates with you. It’s possible it could just be an old habit or automatic pilot program you have running in your mind. Like the old you is not on board yet with this newer more positive you. Catch yourself in the moment it happens, by calling attention to it. You can say “stop”, “I’m just thinking”, “I’m feeling negative emotion and I don’t want it”, or many other things. Stay with this and change direction. If it is the old you, in your mind have a conversation with the old you. Tell the old you how it is and understand that it’s there trying to help you and it’s trying to keep you safe. So at one time or another, that program I’m sure did serve a purpose to keep you safe, to keep you happy so perhaps you wouldn’t get your hopes up about something. Understand that it does have your best intentions at heart. With that in mind, let it know this is the new direction you want to take. Let it know you love and appreciate its guidance and protection and you would really like its support in moving forward with this happier more positive way of life.

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