So, you’ve decided to try being more positive



When you're trying to change old habits and create new, more positive ones, it may not happen overnight. It can, but for most of us, it may take several days, weeks, or months. Negative thoughts or feelings can pop up and discourage you. The most important thing to remember is this: Go easy on yourself, be patient and understanding. Slipping into negative vibrations from time to time happens to almost everyone. The key is noticing when it happens and what is triggering it. Is it a specific situation, the people around you or something within you that could be causing it?

If you realize the negativity is coming from someone else, how do you stop allowing other people to change your vibration? One option is to give the negative energy back to them. I don’t mean if they are being a butt head, that you should be a butt head back to them. What I mean is, in your mind, create a representation of that negativity. Visualize it as a nice little, red present with a shiny bow, a flaming paper bag filled with dog poo, or whatever feels right to you. Then in your mind, visualize it floating away from you, out of your awareness and back to its rightful owner.

Perhaps the negativity is coming from an event, you can visualize a shield of positive energy surrounding you. Think of Star Trek and the starship Enterprise. When they would get into trouble, the Captain would yell "Shields Up!", and a force field of energy would surround the ship and protect them from enemy bombardments. Similarly, the personal shield you visualize will deflect negative energy that you come into contact with in your home, school, work, at the store, etc. Taking it a step further, your shield will let in all positive energy and experiences. There is no set method to this visualization so have fun and play with it. If you are a Trekkie, perhaps say the words "Red Alert" out loud or in your head as your cue to raise your shields. If you are not a Trekkie, don't discount this method, just because we used a Star Trek reference. Give it a shot, no one has to know, it's all in your head anyway! 😉

Another option if it resonates with you, is to use crystals for protection and repelling negative energy from others. For example, Black Tourmaline is used for protecting one's energy field against negative vibrations, and also for drawing negative energies away from a person (I actually used this today and it worked great!). You can also use Aventurine and Labradorite for protection. In addition, to boost your happiness, use can use Citrine, Bloodstone, Chrysocolla or Clear Quartz. Carry them in your pocket, bag, on your body, or as jewelry.

If the negative energy is not coming from others, but from within you, do your best to catch yourself when you are feeling that way. Try to see where the negative thoughts or feelings are coming from. Is there a bad experience or memory that you were reminded of that sparked the negative thought or feeling? Some people will journal to try to get to the root cause, but it’s not necessary for everyone. Explore the thought or feeling in whatever way resonates with you. It’s possible it could just be an old habit or automatic pilot program you have running in your mind. Perhaps the "old you" is not yet on board with this "newer, more positive you". Catch yourself in the moment the negative thought or feeling happens, by calling attention to it. You can say “stop”, “I’m just thinking”, “I’m feeling a negative emotion and I don’t want it”, or whatever feels natural to you. If you feel it may be the "old you", first understand that the "old you" is there trying to help you and it’s trying to keep you safe. At one time or another, it did serve a purpose to keep you safe and happy, perhaps so you wouldn’t get your hopes up about something and be disappointed. Understand that it does have your best intentions at heart. With that understanding in mind, have a conversation with the "old you," let it know you love and appreciate its past guidance and protection, and you would really like its support in moving forward with this happier, more positive way of life.

As always, if you have any questions or are needing help on this or any other topic, please get in touch with us through our contact page and let us know how best we can support you creating beyond the law of attraction!

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