You have a choice




Everything is a choice. What are you choosing right now? Is it negative or positive? 

If you feel negative, down, depressed, hopeless and so on, you can make a the choice that you want to feel better. Or, you can choose to explore this emotion and see what it has to offer to you. Once you decide that, options open up for you. From there, what can you do to feel better? That’s a choice.

Become conscious of what you are creating. It’s OK if you don’t like what’s going on in your life. Choose something different.

The great thing that happens then is that it gets a little easier, a little easier each time. You start to realize, yes, I can choose what I want. I can choose what I want to experience.

Keep going. Each choice you make towards your desired path gets you that much closer each time. One little choice after another, that’s it.

Try adding these new thoughts to your story:

I choose to feel good, I choose to find a better feeling thought, I choose to do this instead of that, I choose to respond and react differently than I have been, I choose to work towards happiness, I choose to make myself a priority, I choose ME.

It’s all a choice.

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