Consistency – Is It Necessary?

Consistency – Is It Necessary? Consistency and being consistent is something I struggle with. I’m just going to put it out there and admit it. I get it, it’s what I’m creating, it’s what I’ve “chosen” to experience, although I would like to believe it’s mostly an unconscious choice to be inconsistent. As you can […]


My Personal ‘How to Improve Your Life Right Now’

  MY PERSONAL ‘HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW’ I’m sitting here on a Friday night, drinking a glass of bold red wine, and wanting to write a personal blog post on the website. Sometimes I feel a real struggle writing; still feel like my words are not good enough to inspire millions, let […]


So, you’ve decided to try being more positive

SO, YOU’VE DECIDED TO TRY BEING MORE POSITIVE When you’re trying to change old habits and create new, more positive ones, it may not happen overnight. It can, but for most of us, it may take several days, weeks, or months. Negative thoughts or feelings can pop up and discourage you. The most important thing to […]

welcome post

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to Create Beyond the Law of Attraction! We’re so excited and grateful you have found us! Please bare with us while we put the finishing touches on everything. Lots of new posts and inspiring things are coming! We created this site with you in mind and hopefully you will gain a lot from it. […]


You have a choice

  YOU HAVE A CHOICE Everything is a choice. What are you choosing right now? Is it negative or positive?  If you feel negative, down, depressed, hopeless and so on, you can make a the choice that you want to feel better. Or, you can choose to explore this emotion and see what it has […]


Are you accepting your creations?

  ARE YOU ACCEPTING YOUR CREATIONS? When a friend buys you coffee, do you happily accept? When your boss buys you breakfast, do you joyously accept? When someone holds the door open for you, do you walk right through? When Grandma unexpectedly gives you money for helping her cross the street do you gratefully take it? […]

Girl Thinking

Tell a new story

  TELL A NEW STORY Are you tired of things always happening “to” you? Are you tired of always trying and never getting anywhere? Do you find that you keep replaying the same stories over and over and over? The first step in changing your life is to realize what you are creating. Pay attention to […]

What if

What if?

  WHAT IF? What if you decided to stop searching? What if you decided to stop trying? What if you decided to start living your life the way you wanted? What if you started doing the things you have always wanted to do? What if you decided to make your priority you? What if you […]

Present Moment Thought

Present Moment Thoughts

  PRESENT MOMENT THOUGHTS Right here, right now, I choose to feel great. I am fully in the present moment, alive and aware with the now. I feel amazing, abundant and so full of love. All there is in the world right here, right now, is the present moment. 


Relaxing With ASMR

RELAXING WITH ASMR (AUTONOMOUS SENSORY MERIDIAN RESPONSE) Back in elementary school a few times a year my whole class and I would be filed out of the classroom and lined up in front of our school nurse standing next to a little folding table and chair in the hallway. On top of the table would be a […]