Principle 15 Meme - When you are noticing the lack of what you are choosing, the Universe being abundant and only abundant, presents you with an abundance of the absence of it.

Principle 15 – Reflection

PRINCIPLE 15 REFLECTION The final principle or step in the process of creating is reflecting. You’ve taken 100% responsibility for your life. You accept you are always creating every experience in your awareness. You are loving yourself and all that you are creating, whether consciously or not, whether it’s what you chose or not. You […]

Principle 14 Meme - Accept All Experiences As Your Creation Because They ARE.

Principle 14 – Noticing YOU ARE Always Creating

PRINCIPLE 14 NOTICING YOU ARE ALWAYS CREATING So you are becoming accustomed to the idea that you are ALWAYS creating in every moment. You are accepting 100% responsibility for your life. Notice all of the things around you and pay attention to what you are creating in every moment. Notice you are getting what you […]

Principle 13 Meme - Love Life So Much You Have No Time For Worry Or Doubt.

Principle 13 – Love

PRINCIPLE 13 LOVE This is the most important of all the principles. It is interconnected with all aspects of life, creating and the Universe. When you choose what you want to create, you are doing it because of Love. You align yourself with it by feeling Love and Gratitude for it. As we said in […]

Principle 12 Meme - Develop an absolute belief and trust in your ability to create.

Principle 12 – Trust

PRINCIPLE 12 TRUST Develop an absolute belief and trust in your ability to create. Trust this is how the Universe works. Take for example, gravity. You TRUST that it exists. It always has and always will as far as we know. You trust that if you drop something, it will fall to the ground. You know […]

Principle 11 Meme - Absolute Love Lifts Our World.

Principle 11 – Allowing

PRINCIPLE 11 ALLOWING What do you mean by allowing? If I’m allowing doesn’t that mean I’m allowing or letting people be mean to me or take advantage of me or hurt me? Not at all! By allowing, I mean the opposite of judging or controlling. Also, you allow for yourself as much as you allow for […]

Principle 10 Meme - Be open to accepting all events and circumstances which move you closer to what you are choosing, even if they do not appear to exactly match your conscious choosing at first.

Principle 10 – Accepting

PRINCIPLE 10 ACCEPTING One of the biggest obstacles we’ve had to overcome, and it may be similar for others as well, is not accepting an experience because it does not look like what you are choosing at first. You consciously choose to experience abundance but you turn down the nickel on the sidewalk. You look […]

Principle 9 Meme - What you foucs on is what expands. Having an Attitude of Gratitude creates more to be grateful for.

Principle 9 – Have An Attitude of Gratitude

PRINCIPLE 9 HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Gratitude is a tool that keeps you aligned with what you are choosing. It helps you trigger the vibration within yourself of already having it. That’s why so many Law of Attraction teachers stress how important having gratitude is. Notice when you feel grateful you feel good, which […]

Principle 8 Meme - When You Stop Noticing you don't have it yet, it will come.

Principle 8 – Focus On Your Feelings

PRINCIPLE 8 FOCUS ON YOUR FEELINGS, NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES Your current circumstances are a result of your past thoughts, feelings (vibration) and actions. It is important to not choose your emotional state based on what’s happening now, just focus on choosing what you want to feel and create moving forward. What is currently in your reality now, […]

Principle 7 Meme - When you feel good, your vibration is in alignment with people, places and events that you would feel good about experiencing, and therefore creating (Noticing) more experiences to feel good about. When you feel bad, you are out of alignment with the experiences that you would feel good about experiencing. So being out of alignment is still being in alignment, it's just in alignment with things that you feel bad experiencing.

Principle 7 – Your Emotional Guidance System

PRINCIPLE 7 YOUR EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM We first heard about the Emotional Guidance System in the movie “The Secret”. It presented a scale of good emotions and bad emotions, this one is above that, that one is below this. It slightly over complicated the process. It presents the problem of “which emotion am I at? […]

Principle 6 Meme - If you are not getting what you are choosing, it is because you are creating unconsciously on autopilot which is putting out a stronger vibration than the energy you are putting into creating consciously.

Principle 6 – Needing Wanting Asking Choosing

PRINCIPLE 6 NEEDING, WANTING, ASKING, CHOOSING There are many people who have seen the memes, read the articles or perhaps even read a book telling them to just ask and it is given, or if they believe hard enough, they will receive it, making it sound so simple. It sounds too good to be true, […]

Principle 5 Meme - As long as you make someone or something else is the reason you can’t do, be or have; you can NEVER achieve what you want until they, or it, changes.

Principle 5 – Let Go of Blaming

PRINCIPLE 5 LET GO OF BLAMING What do you mean I need to stop blaming? So and so did this to me, I can’t be happy because of this or that. I’m sure you can think of an example in your life when someone has wronged you or some circumstance has prevented you from doing, […]

Principle 4 Meme - Taking 100 Percent Responsibility For Your Life Means Choosing To Be In Charge Of Your Responses To Life Events

Principle 4 – Take 100 Percent Responsibility for Your Life

PRINCIPLE 4 TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE The next Principle is taking 100% responsibility for your life and all of your experiences. Through your predominate thoughts, feelings and actions the genie of the universe brought forth experiences to you that were in alignment with your predominate vibrational state. With this principle, there is the possibility for […]