What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction, or LOA for short, states that "Like Attracts Like." It is a tool by which we create our life experiences. For more information, see our page What is the Law of Attraction?

Does the Law of Attraction really work?

Yes it does. In fact, it is ALWAYS working. It is not something you turn on or off. In every moment is it "working." For more information, see Principle 2 - The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is literally a coincidence, although, more meaningful. Because everything is energy and the Law of Attraction is always working, "coincidences" do not exist. They are synchronicities. For example, you randomly think about a friend you haven't heard from in years, and the next day they call out of the blue. As you're driving home from work you notice you have a craving for a certain restaurant. You turn the radio on and the first thing you hear is a commercial for that restaurant. When synchronicity happens, you feel it immediately like, "Whoah, no way!" As you become more aware with your direct connection to the universe, synchronicities will happen more frequently and you will welcome them. Nothing happens randomly; everything happens for a reason.

How do I turn on the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is always working. There is nothing you need to turn on, no switch to flip, or anything like that. Check out our Principle 2 here.

How long does it take to manifest something?

The answer is all in how you focus your vibration, how aligned you are to the universe. It seriously can be instantly (yes I said instantly), or it can take a really long time. Ideally, you want to make your priority of feeling good as much as possible. When you are in the good feeling state, that's when things manifest. If you notice you aren't manifesting what you want or you think it's taking longer than it should, reevaluate the process - are you aligned and are you allowing?

What is vibration?

Everything is energy as we explain in Principle 1. Since we are all energy, everything on this planet vibrates at a certain energy frequency. Your vibration matches what you are currently attracting into your life.

What is vibe?

A shortened version of vibration.

What is alignment?

What we are talking about here is the alignment of your vibration. When you are feeling good, you are in alignment with the universe/your soul's purpose. When you are feeling the negative feelings, you are in alignment with attracting more negative feelings, circumstances, situations, etc.

What do you mean when you say Source/Spirit/Universe/God/Higher Self?

As you know, everything is energy (Principle 1).What you and I are experiencing right now in our bodies is our conscious. Source/Spirit/Universe/God/Higher Self is what is guiding us through our thoughts, feelings, and desires. They are all different names for one thing. We are all one.

What is allowing?

Allowing is a big part in creating your ideal life. We go into great detail in Principle 11. Learn to allow from the Universe and learn to allow yourself to create your experiences.

How do I know I'm doing it right?

There is no way to fail. You are always creating, you are always attracting, there is no right or wrong. You are just perfect in the eyes of Source and everything you do is perfect.

What do you mean by Emotional Guidance System?

Your emotional guidance system is your connection to the universe. Your soul/the universe communicates with you through your feelings. Check out Principle 7 for a more detailed explanation.

What is resistance?

Anything preventing you from manifesting your desires. When you have resistance, you may have blockages or limiting beliefs such as I'm not worthy.

What is a blockage?

Because of how many of us have grown up and because many of us have had family and friends influence our lives in certain ways, some of us may have limiting beliefs, or "reasons" as to why we have or have not created our lives in a certain way. We go into more detail in Principle 3, check it out.

What is a limiting belief? How do I let it go?

A limiting belief is a thought or feeling which is negative in nature that you believe to be true. For example, you may believe you are not deserving or good enough to have whatever it is you truly desire. These are limiting beliefs because they are untrue. Simply because you are alive in this incarnation means you are worthy and deserving. If you find these and other limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving what you desire, it's worth the time to explore when and where these thoughts came from. See our Principle 3.

What is contrast?

In order to experience light, we must experience darkness. The only way to know what light is, is to experience the contrast - darkness. The universe wants to expand, it wants to evolve. That's why there are rich people and that's why there are poor people. You many have had similar experiences in your life. It's how you grow and evolve.

Is it OK to feel angry?

Yes absolutely! How else are you going to experience contrast? Anger and negative feelings are good believe it or not, in healthy doses. It is a guide to put you back on your ideal path. Examine what specifically is making you angry. Then decide what you want instead. Use anger or any other negative emotions to propel you into something more positive, something that is more in alignment of your true desires.

How do I let go?

When we talk about letting go, we're talking about letting go of controlling how and when the universe 'should' manifest your desires. Let go of outcomes and have more faith and trust that you will receive. Let go and let the universe do it's job. Your only job is to feel good as much as possible, more than you feel negatively. As you feel good more often, you create more ideal situations. Believe and you will receive. Also, let go of how you think other people should act or behave. Let go of needing anything from them. Let go of all that does not serve you and your higher purpose. If it does not make you happy and put you in alignment, let it go.

What is holding me back?

The only thing in your way, is you...

How do I know I'm doing the right thing, as in choosing correctly?

Like we have mentioned before, there is no right or wrong. You cannot fail. For you to know if you are choosing correctly, if what you are choosing is what you want, you know by the way you feel. Check out Principle 7 for more information on the Emotional Guidance System.

Isn't loving myself selfish?

Absolutely not! We hear this all the time. Think about this. The person who gives all day long to their family, friends and coworkers, they are the one person that everyone can count on. They are needed for this and that, and their days run 12 hours long because they are so busy taking care of others. They are exhausted and burnt out. They crash everyday, taking no time for themselves. They may be stressed, tired, and not very happy. What you focus on, you create more of. Now what if this same person took one hour per day all to themselves? They would probably be happier, less stressed, less tired. They have this one hour, or more, per day all to themselves to relax, recharge their batteries, anything they want. When you become more selfish in this way, you become happier and you attract more positive things in your life. To be a better person for others, you need to be a better person for yourself FIRST.

What is meditation? Am I doing it wrong?

Meditation is a way to take a moment to clear your mind. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It could be as simple as taking 2-5 seconds to take a deep breath, disconnect from everything around you and get in touch with the universe. Just a nice deep relaxing breath, then exhaling. Or, you can sit or lie down for any period of time, 5 minutes up to an hour and relax. The purpose of meditating is to become unattached to thoughts. Simply notice them and watch them float away.

How do I get clear?

If you find yourself challenged to clear your mind, check out our Shift Your Vibration section for ideas. Try out different things to see what works for you. It may be checking out funny cat pictures, watching a funny TV show to change up your train of thought, or simply getting out into nature or meditating.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit through the use of energy. Reiki is like getting a massage, although the practitioner's hands never touch you, they direct energy into certain areas of the body. Reiki is wonderful for reducing stress, inducing relaxation, and promoting healing.

What is inner guidance?

Inner guidance is your soul communicating to you through your thoughts and feelings.

What is inspired action?

When you suddenly feel inspiration and take action on it, as long as it feels good, you are in alignment with what your soul wishes to experience.

What is following the breadcrumb trail?

When you are feeling good, you are in alignment, your inner guidance is inspiring you to take action on whatever it may be. You decide to do what you're inspired, it feels good and you attract great results. Then you feel inspired to do something else, this in turn creates positive results. When you clear your mind, go with the flow, take inspired action when you feel called to do it, this is following the breadcrumb trail. One thing leads to another, then another and so on, of positive experiences. You may even ask yourself 'what do I feel inspired to do now and how more amazing can this get?'.

What books or authors do you recommend?

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