Principle 11 – Allowing

Principle 11 Meme - Absolute Love Lifts Our World.



What do you mean by allowing? If I'm allowing doesn't that mean I'm allowing or letting people be mean to me or take advantage of me or hurt me? Not at all! By allowing, I mean the opposite of judging or controlling. Also, you allow for yourself as much as you allow for others. Someone is hurting you or taking advantage of you, "allow it" to be OK that you express yourself and stand up for yourself, remove yourself from the situation if necessary. At the same time, allow the other person to be who they are, or at least who they are choosing to be in that moment. It's not about judging and labeling as right or wrong, good or bad according to you and your model of the world. It's just allowing yourself to be open about the experiences you do and do not want in your life. At the same time, allowing the other person to express themselves in the way in which they choose to based on their model of the world. When you judge another, you push against what it is you are judging them for. "What you resist persists" - Carl Jung. It persists because what you focus on (pay attention to) is what expands (in your awareness).

Keep in mind through all this I'm not speaking of allowing someone to actually victimize another. I'm not saying allow your boss to sexually harass you or allow your spouse to beat you. I'm not saying you have to remain in these situations to people please. However, that is what many people do because they don't allow themselves to choose something different. The allowing is complete.

There is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad. Those are only judgments we assign to people, events and situations based on our own morals and beliefs, which is defined by our model of the world, which was installed in us by others. So even what you think you believe, isn't what YOU have chosen to believe, it's what you were taught to believe. It's what you believe out of habit.

If everyone is allowed to be themselves, there may be a great world-wide reorganization of people. People will be open and admit they do or do not have certain things in common and rather than need to wear a mask to people please, we are able to meet new people with whom we truly are aligned with and share more in common with. It is not about changing the other person, nor is it about punishment for their behavior. If you do not like the jokes your co-worker tells, it is not about making them tell different jokes, it is about allowing yourself to not be a part of that conversation. It is about your co-worker allowing you to not be as well, including yourself allowing your co-worker to be whom they're choosing to be. It is about allowing yourself and the other person to be who they choose to be. It is a mutual allowing and respect for each other’s choice of life path. So things shift, you begin associating with different people "around the water cooler” or perhaps the co-worker chooses to change the jokes they tell because they DO want you around. It is all OK, it is all allowed.

Openness and honesty, allowing each other to be who we each choose to be, is the point. You and the co-worker can be open and honest and choose to not interact, and it's OK. It is not a big deal, there are no judgments, just allowing. This kind of allowing I am speaking of is love. Allowing is love.

A vibration which is free of judgments is a vibration of allowing, and absolute love. An absolute love for all living things: now that sounds like a much better world to me.






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