Principle 12 – Trust

Principle 12 Meme - Develop an absolute belief and trust in your ability to create.



Develop an absolute belief and trust in your ability to create. Trust this is how the Universe works. Take for example, gravity. You TRUST that it exists. It always has and always will as far as we know. You trust that if you drop something, it will fall to the ground. You know that if you slip just right on the ice, you will fall to the ground. You trust that the ground will catch you and whatever you drop. It is the same for abundance.

Trust that the Universe is abundant.  Even if you have so much debt, you do not have a lack of money - you have an abundance of debt. I know this is a challenging, glass-is-half-full, concept to wrap your head around, but it will help you change the way you see life. This is how you will learn to awaken to the idea of trusting the Universe, as well as yourself. Look all around you and see everything that you have created. If you spent some time really looking over how your feelings have created what your current circumstances are, you will see that the Universe has provided for you exactly everything you have been in alignment with, without fail. It may not be exactly in the way you meant for it to be, because your vibration and alignment was off, but it still manifested.

This is then your chance to tweak your vibration, alter your frequency. Change the station for a different experience. Choose your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can create exactly what you choose. Creating your life, manifesting your desires, is all the same level of trust and knowing as gravity and even breathing. In absolutely a majority of cases, you will take your next breath, you trust the Universe to provide this for you. Of course, until it’s your last one, then obviously it’s your last breath and that usually only happens once…

Intend, and then allow. Trust, Love. Be free from concern.

 – Bentinho Massaro

Keep going, altering and refining your thoughts, feelings and actions until what you choose has been created as you imagined it. Do not give any attention to not having it yet. Let go of the details. Give up all that extra worrying and trust in yourself and your ability to create. When you focus on not having it yet, you are focused on the not having it part, not the actual desire. You are noticing the lack of it, but the Universe being abundant and only abundant presents you with an abundance of the absence of it. This is why trusting in the Universe, trusting in yourself as well, is so very important. It is up to the Universe to provide when and how – it’s up to you to keep the faith.

Keep going - have faith - TRUST what you choose is created. Sometimes it just takes a little time to see it.




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