Principle 13 – Love

Principle 13 Meme - Love Life So Much You Have No Time For Worry Or Doubt.



This is the most important of all the principles. It is interconnected with all aspects of life, creating and the Universe. When you choose what you want to create, you are doing it because of Love. You align yourself with it by feeling Love and Gratitude for it. As we said in Principle 11, Allowing is Absolute Love for all living things. Allow yourself to be filled with love and joy of life and for all those around you. Love life so much you have no time for worry or doubt. Love and Trust that you are always creating. Love the experiences you have that are not what you consciously chose because it shows you what you are in alignment with and allow you to refocus your vibration to tweak your creation. When you Love there is no need to blame or judge others, or yourself.

The Universe, which is your higher self, is pure Love. You are made from Love and the highest vibration possible is Love. Being filled with Love and joy in correlation with thoughts of what you are choosing to create energizes your soul, puts you in alignment with what you are choosing and creates it in your awareness that much faster. When you are in alignment, you are feeling love. When you are feeling Love, you are in alignment. It is especially important to love yourself. Love the qualities that make you you. Love and respect yourself and your body. No one can be YOU like YOU can. Love yourself, and you experience more situations in which you feel love for yourself.






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