Principle 15 – Reflection

Principle 15 Meme - When you are noticing the lack of what you are choosing, the Universe being abundant and only abundant, presents you with an abundance of the absence of it.



The final principle or step in the process of creating is reflecting. You've taken 100% responsibility for your life. You accept you are always creating every experience in your awareness. You are loving yourself and all that you are creating, whether consciously or not, whether it's what you chose or not. You are noticing the creations you are experiencing are what you have been in alignment with. But gosh darn it, you're still not getting what you're wanting... This stuff doesn't work!

Once we realized we were only creating Jeeps in our awareness and not in our driveway, there was a knee-jerk reaction to be a little disappointed. We are all learning and our emotional state, at least in the beginning, can require more attention to get it in alignment. We immediately realized the implications that we truly were creating the Jeeps in our awareness; we were bringing them to us. Just not quite in the way we had intended. So, in these moments when you realize you are creating what you choose, just not in the way you chose it, keep your emotional state in a high vibration. Keep yourself focused on feeling the joy and abundance of the Universe responding to your choices. Be playful with life, it's meant to be joyous. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." Really wrapping your head and heart around Love and Gratitude is key to bringing yourself into closer alignment with the life and experiences of your choosing. Check out our Shift Your Vibration section for tips to help you tweak your emotional state and more fully align with the people, places, events and circumstances you choose to create in your life.

It is our hope and intention these principles have been an enlightening experience and have helped explain the nature of creation. It's not just about the Law of Attraction, that is a label people have put on this phenomenon. It's about creation in it's purest form. We are ALL creators and it is what we are here on Earth to do. We have all been given an amazing gift, why not accept it and create the most amazing life possible?






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