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Charles F. Haanel, born in 1866, achieved success as both a businessman, philosopher and a New Thought author, rising to top positions at numerous corporations in his native St. Louis throughout his life. Often called the "Father of Personal Development," Haanel was among the earliest writers to popularize the Law of Attraction.

Haanel originally published "The Master Key System" as a correspondence course in 1912, before collecting the lessons and publishing them as a single volume in 1917. Haanel was active in many influential groups, such as the American Society for Psychical Research, and went on to write "Mental Chemistry" and "The New Psychology." He died in 1949.


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The Master Key System

  Click Here For Author Bio… THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM The Master Key System is a personal development book that was originally published as a correspondence course in 1912. Along with “The Science of Getting Rich”, by Wallace D. Wattles, the Master Key System is the source of Rhonda Byrne’s inspiration for the book and […]

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