Shift Your Vibration

Shift Your Vibe


As we talk about in our Principles, everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Shifting your vibration simply means to raise/align your vibration with what you are consciously choosing to create. Use your Emotional Guidance System to check where you're at. If you're feeling good when you think about what it is you are choosing, you are in alignment with it, and therefore beginning to create that reality. If you are not feeling so good, try some of our suggestions in this section to get yourself back on track. "Choose to feel good as often as possible." Yes, we all have bad days and we all have negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that will come up. We are not saying to ignore them when they come up, as they have valuable lessons and insights for you on things you can heal and release. So pay attention and notice them when they happen. What we do recommend though is to find a way that works for you to shift your vibration and break the "habit" of feeling bad. In other words, don't "feel bad" just because you "always" feel bad every time "this or that" happens...

Our suggestions fall into 3 different aspects: You can shift your mind which means clearing your head and choosing better/happier thoughts. You can shift your body through different relaxation techniques below. You can also shift your surroundings, making your environment suit your desires, whether that means turning your bedroom into a relaxing spa, or filling your living room with items you find motivational and inspiring. There is no right or wrong way to do any of this, only what works and doesn't work for you specifically. Do what makes you feel good. For some it will be meditation or yoga, others will lean more towards making their surroundings more conducive to feeling good. Another good thing is everything is connected, it's all related. Clearing your head will relax your body. Doing yoga to relax your body can calm your mind. Doing something you find fun/enjoyable/entertaining/relaxing will help your body feel better as well as clearing your mind or at least take your focus off of your problems for a little bit.

The point is, they all raise your vibration. Just do what you personally feel good doing. Raising your vibration doesn't have to be all new age meditation and spirituality. For me personally, just being in the woods is incredibly relaxing and energizing. If you feel good going fishing, reading a good book, binge watching Game of Thrones, or just looking at funny cat memes on the internet, it's all OK, it all raises your vibration and puts you in alignment with more people, places, events and experiences you will feel good experiencing.